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Difference between RSV vs influenza virus

Difference between RSV vs influenza virus. RSV is a respiratory infection. It is often found in young children under 5 years of age if parents do not observe the symptoms carefully. You may think it’s a common cold. And if not treated properly It will cause the child to

Sweaty hands, what are the signs of disease?

Sweaty hands, what are the signs of disease? Sweaty hands are a condition that can happen to anyone. It is often found in younger people. Sweating can be a natural occurrence on the body. But when sweat flows from the hands in greater amounts than normal, it may

7 popular vegetables that should not be eaten raw

7 popular vegetables that should not be eaten raw. Most fruits and vegetables are beneficial to the body. But there are some vegetables that should not be eaten raw. in excessive quantities Because it may cause more harm than benefit. Especially patients with certain diseases or elderly children and pregnant women The

Brown rice for weight loss.

Brown rice is rice that has not been refined. Therefore, it still has more nutrients than white rice. Many people therefore believe that eating brown rice is beneficial to the body in many ways Obesity is one risk factor for heart disease and stroke due to the accumulation of


Fat is considered one of the essential nutrients for the body. You should choose to eat unsaturated fats to reduce the risk of various diseases. Such as olive oil, sunflower oil. soybean oil Corn oil, nuts, seeds, and some fish. Limit the amount of food that contains saturated fat. To

Benefits of chocolate.

Various minerals and nutrients in cocoa powder. This gives chocolate many health benefits. Especially dark chocolate that has a high concentration of cocoa powder. Here are some benefits that you may not have known: 1. Helps provide energy to the body Most types are high in carbohydrates, thus

What causes lactose intolerance?

Lactose Intolerance is the name that many people use to refer to the condition of impaired digestion of lactose.  Our body has the enzyme lactase produced in the small intestine. It breaks down lactose, which is found in many dairy products, into smaller sizes and is

‘JK’ confirms sending Trent to check on injury.

Jurgen Klopp the Liverpool’s trainer confirmed that. He will send Trent Alexander-Arnold go for a thorough examination of the injury. The Reds just defeated Aston Villa 3-0 in the Premier League on Sunday. Causing the team to win again, but ‘JK’ has bad news regarding his

Sancho hits back at Ten Hag over being dropped.

Jedan Sancho has hit back at Eric ten Hag’s comments about the first team not being included in the away game against Arsenal. Manchester United suffered a heartbreaking 1-3 loss to Arsenal in the Premier League. Last Sunday, the Red Devils had a chance to take