Just like women, men also want to have healthy skin. But men’s skin conditions

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Just like women, men also want to have healthy skin. But men’s skin conditions.

How are they different?

Testosterone, an important male hormone, causes the structure of men’s skin to differ from that of women’s. Overall, men’s skin, both on the face and body, is thicker. It’s oilier. And when you start to get older There will be changes that are different from women’s skin. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com


  • On average, men’s skin is about 20 percent thicker than women’s skin, has more collagen and looks firmer than women’s skin.
  • The amount of collagen in men’s skin gradually decreases, while in women’s skin it begins to decrease more slowly. Especially during menopause After that, women’s skin will become thinner quite quickly and wrinkles and sagging skin will be more noticeable than men of the same age.


  • Just like women, men also want to have healthy skin. But men’s skin conditions are different on both the face and body because of different skin composition. which require different care To get the healthy skin you want
  • The sebum-producing glands are 2 times more active than women’s, making men’s skin oilier than women’s. Makes it have a lower pH value Therefore, it is more likely to cause acne.
  • For older men Skin tends to be more dry than women’s.

Age skin

  • Men’s skin ages more slowly than women’s. But change will happen quickly when the time comes.
  • Skin problems that are most common in men are: Sagging skin, puffiness under the eyes, and dark circles around the eyes makes you look tired
  • Men also have wrinkle problems. Although it is less and occurs later than women But if wrinkles begin to appear, they will be quicker and the changes will be more noticeable.

Regular shaving puts more stress on men’s skin than women’s.

  • On average, a man shaves approximately 16,000 times during his lifetime.
  • It makes the skin more sensitive and reacts to other factors faster.
  • Shaving every day Stresses and irritates the skin because shaving also strips the top layer of skin cells and reveals new, immature skin that is more sensitive to external factors.
  • 40 percent of men experience skin problems from shaving, with young and lighter-skinned men more likely to be affected.
  • Dull razors and the use of shaving cream or other lubricants Inadequate shaving can cause cuts, ingrown hairs, or inflammation.