Types Of Real Money Slots game.

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Due to their global appeal and huge fan following, many slot machine types exist. Read the guide to slots game below to help you select the perfect slots game for you.

  • Classic Slots: Also called 3-reel classics or 3-reel spinners. These are the original slot machines. Usually with simpler graphics, smaller fixed jackpots and better return-to-player (RTP) ratios.
  • Video Slots: Electronic slot machines led to 5-reel video slots. These have great graphics and sounds, more bonus features and bigger jackpots.
  • 3D Slots: A type of 5-reel video slot with cinematic 3D graphics. Produced by slot designers like NetEnt and Sheriff Gaming.
  • Licensed Slots: Gaming machines that use the name and image of a pop culture franchise. They usually have a license from a movie, TV show, board game, comic book or pop music franchise.
  • Fixed Jackpot Slots: Also called flat-top slots, these games have a fixed prize pool that never changes. These can be large six-figure amounts or as little as $1,000.UFABET 
  • Progressive Slots: Have a jackpot that increases with each spin that doesn’t trigger the top prize. Games like Mega Moolah, Wheel of Fortune and MegaBucks range into the millions of dollars.
  • Fruit Machine: A name for a slot machine in the United Kingdom. Also called fruit slots, these gaming machines are located in UK pubs.