Xhaka cites Alonso’s attitude as inspiration

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Granit Xhaka praises Xavier Alonso’s attitude as an inspiration for Leverkusen team to great success this season.

Granit Xhaka, 31-year-old midfielder for Leverkusen. UFABET Revealed that the attitude of Xavier Alonso, the Spanish trainer, is an inspiration to Leverkusen that has a chance to win the triple championship this season. Before the hunt for a second championship in the Europa League final against Atalanta in Dublin this Wednesday, according to a report from UFABET Sports on Tuesday. 

‘I asked a lot about Madrid when he was a player,’ Xhaka said. ‘I asked about his partner in midfield. Striker he used to play with His coach and all the little details How important is it in football?’

‘It’s about having this calm attitude. Even if you are immersed in the game. An example is the number of games Madrid turned around when they were about to be eliminated. and how many games they won when they were about to lose in extra time.’

‘That’s just not the case with him in their team. But today is the same.’

‘It’s just a small detail. If you want to compete with the top teams You have to be calm if you don’t play well. And I believe you will get results if you perform at a low level in the game.’

The 31-year-old midfielder also spoke about working with Alonso on a daily basis. ‘He’s not a coach who only looks at the name or status of the players. In terms of who is older or younger? Or who plays more games?’

‘during the week He is thinking about who deserves to play over the weekend. Because they all practiced well.’

‘He gives every player a chance to prove their importance to the team. I think it’s very difficult to manage because you have different characters and different nationalities and different languages. But he has the experience as a player to inspire everyone’s confidence. That’s why we perform like this as well.’

Xhaka also praised the unity evident throughout the club. From the emergence of the drug department team amidst difficulties 

‘The whole season has been difficult. Because when you go 50 games unbeaten, the focus is generally on the good things. But in my opinion It’s not as easy as you think. Because you had half the time where we didn’t play well and weren’t in the game.’

‘We still had places where we played down until the end of the game and then we came back. There are good things too. But there were things that didn’t go as planned.’

‘The reason we win these games is because this team and the staff are very special in terms of the way we work together and the respect and openness with which we talk.’

‘That’s why we reached both finals in the DFB Pokal and the Europa League. We are all very happy to be part of this team.’

Xhaka also spoke about the chance to keep his unbeaten record throughout the season with only the final two matches remaining against Atalanta and Kaiserslautern. The 31-year-old midfielder believes that if the drugstore team succeeds It would be difficult for any team to copy it in the future.

‘It is a matter of finding the right description or words. Going unbeaten in the league is special. But really hope to stay unbeaten throughout the season. Internationally, in cups and in leagues, it’s something that can be taken away from you.’

‘I don’t believe anyone can do it. Maybe a year later But not in this world as long as we live.’